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Ready to use TACACS+ authentication and/or multi-factor authentication (MFA) solution for Network Devices - Wifi, Routers, Network Switches and Firewall.

  Secure all your network devices with a centralized system.

  No need to install an external proxy on your network infrastructure for MFA.

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TACACS Authentication

What is TACACS/TACACS+ Authentication?

TACACS (Terminal Access Controller Access Control System) is a security protocol that provides centralized validation of users who are attempting to gain access to a router or NAS. TACACS+ provides separate authentication, authorization and accounting services. You can use TACACS+ Vendor-Specific Attributes (VSAs) to manage administrator authorization. TACACS+ VSAs enable you to quickly change the roles, access domains, and user groups of administrators through your directory instead of reconfiguring settings on the firewall.

Supported Operations


TACACS Authentication is the action of determining who a user (or entity) is. Traditional authentication utilizes a username and a fixed password. However, fixed passwords have limitations. Many modern authentication mechanisms utilize "one-time" passwords or challenge-response query. TACACS+ is designed to support all of these, and be powerful enough to handle any future mechanisms.


Authorization is the action of determining what a user is allowed to do. TACACS+ authorization does not merely provide yes or no answers, but it may also customize the service for the particular user. The TACACS+ server might respond to these requests by allowing the service, but placing a time restriction on the login shell, or by requiring IP access lists on the PPP connection.


Accounting is typically the third action after authentication and authorization. But again, neither authentication nor authorization is required. Accounting is the action of recording what a user is doing, and/or has done. TACACS+ Accounting can serve two purposes: It may be used as an auditing tool for security services. It may also be used to account for services used, such as in a billing environment.

Key Features

AD Integration

Easily Integrate your existing LDAP/Active Directory in miniOrange to provide users login using their existing credentials and secure access to applications.

15+ MFA Methods

miniOrange MFA solution supports 15+ authentication methods such as OTPs (One Time Password) over SMS & Emails, Authenticator Apps, Hardware Tokens, etc.

Authorization Access

Easy to set up user groups with different access to different equipment sets. Existing AD groups and users are fully supportted, too.

Implementing TACACS Authentication for Cisco Devices

Cisco Access Control System (ACS) is a policy-based security server that provides standards-compliant Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting (AAA) services to your network. Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE) is a security policy management platform that provides secure access to network resources. Cisco ISE functions as a policy decision point and enables enterprises to ensure compliance, enhance infrastructure security, and streamline service operations. miniOrange can act as a External RADIUS Identity Store for ACS/ISE. ACS and ISE requires configuration information to connect to these external identity stores to perform authentication and obtain user information. Cisco ACS and ISE supports the following external identity stores: LDAP, Microsoft AD, RADIUS Identity Stores. miniOrange supports 15+ authentication methods like OTP over SMS, Email, Push Notifications, etc

TACACS Authentication Flow



Secure authentication for all environments, protecting identity and access to data wherever users go. miniOrange MFA can help secure your network devices via factors such as OTPs, physical tokens, & authenticator apps


Simplicity for both end users and administrators. miniOrange MFA solution is easy to deploy & gives administrators more flexibility, visibility and control. miniOrange's mfa solution is simple for end users to verify their identity when accessing network devices.


MFA solution extends and adapts to all areas of your organization. miniOrange's MFA plays a pivotal role in providing visibility in all risk areas, from on-premises networks to mobile devices and to the cloud.

Difference between RADIUS and TACACS

Combines Authentication and Authorization. Separates all three elements of AAA making it more flexible.
Encrypts only the password. Encrypts the username and password both.
Requires each network device to configure authorization information. Central Management for authorization configuration.
No command logging Full command logging
UDP - Connection Less
UDP Port - 1812/1813
TCP - Connection Oriented
TCP Port - 49
Generally used for Network Access Generally used for Administration
Supports one Privilege Mode Supports 15 Privilege Mode

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