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Password Reset (SSPR)

Allow end-users to reset passwords for their accounts from anywhere, any device without the intervention of an administrator.

  Eliminate password reset tickets

  Enterprise tool for Active Directory (AD), Office 365, G Suite, LDAP, and more

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Self-Service Password Reset

What is Self-Service Password Reset (SSPR)?

Self-Service Password Reset (SSPR) software enables businesses to accomplish password resets for user accounts without needing to hire IT or security professionals. The Self-Service Password Reset (SSPR) makes it easier for individuals to request and receive new passwords for or any other accounts. Users can reset their AD account passwords using any browser, mobile device, or directly from any logon screens.
When the user resets their password, Self-Service Password Reset (SSPR) uses challenge-response authentication. You can store the challenge-response information in the miniOrange directory, any external database, or a local database. Using the stored information, users can change or reset their account passwords as well as recover any forgotten passwords. Whether it's a forgotten Office 365 or Active Directory (AD) password, miniOrange enables users to reset their account passwords on their own, without any IT assistance.
With security features like multi-factor authentication and adaptive authentication, our password reset solution is consistent with a high level of security.

Reset your Password Securely Through SSPR

Mobile Devices

Second-factor authentication (MFA) techniques like authenticator apps, OTP via SMS/email, push notifications, security questions, and many others for android and ios devices.

Login Screens

Provide users access to self-service password reset from the login prompts of Windows, macOS, Linux, Outlook Web Access, and Citrix Web Interface.

Web browser

Allow users to securely self-reset their passwords in their directory, from any web browser, automatically update cached domain credentials remotely on their machines, and more.

Advanced conditional access policies to enhance security

IT teams often have to put their priority work on hold to solve the tickets related to password reset or forgotten passwords for Active Directory (AD) or any other account. These password reset tickets consume the time and money of the company. If these issues remain unresolved due to some reason, it can become more expensive and the password reset process can become more lengthy and difficult as the users will not be able to authenticate themselves. Ultimately, all of these failed authentication scenarios have a negative impact on the customer's experience and damage their relationship with enterprises.

miniOrange Self-Service Password Reset (SSPR) solution analyzes user risk factors and ensures that high-risk users face more challenging authentication steps and low-risk users have an easier time while resetting their passwords. Adaptive Authentication starts with creating a profile for each user account, which includes information about the user's geographical location, registered devices, role, and more. Each time a person tries to authenticate, the request is evaluated and assigned a risk score. Depending on the risk score, that person may be required to provide additional authentication factors to prove the identity. For example, if a person tries to access applications via an unregistered device, they may be prompted to register it. If the person logs in from a geographical location other than their office, they may have to answer a security question. Adaptive MFA determines the response to requests with different risk scores. In any given scenario, the user may be allowed to authenticate, may be prevented from accessing, or may even be challenged to prove his or her identity.

miniOrange Self-Service Password Reset (SSPR) Features

Special Characters

Encourage users to use special characters for strong authentication at the time of password reset.

Password expiration notification

Remind users of their upcoming password expiration date via email, SMS, and push notifications.

Policy for a strong password

Enforce fine-grained password policies for your directory that includes a password dictionary filter, a pattern checker, and more.

Easily change password

Allow users to reset and change their domain passwords easily in their present directories on their own.

Recover Password/ Username

Users can recover their passwords by answering challenge questions configured by an administrator.

Easily update directory

Automatically enroll users to the self password reset system, without requiring users to do anything with IdP, Database, etc.

Password synchronization

Synchronize directory password resets and changes with connected enterprise applications in real-time.

User profile management

Manage your directory user profiles by forcing users to update their information when they login to the user portal.

Directory authentication

Provide secure directory authentication for all enterprise applications such as Office 365 and Salesforce.

Remote self-service

Enables remote users to manage their passwords in the directory, without calling the helpdesk with the help of an administrator.

Why choose Self Service Password Reset (SSPR) tool?

Enhanced user experience

Give users the responsibility of managing their own passwords and profile information with Self Service Password Reset (SSPR). It will enhance their role within the organization while also reducing help desk workload.

Improved password security

Passwords with enforced use of special characters are more likely to be strong. A strong password policy ensures that only authentic and authorized users get access to sensitive data.

Lowers IT costs

Reduced support calls for self password resets, proper user lifecycle management , and the elimination to store various records in various directories and environments all contribute to a reduction in the organization's overall security management cost.

Increased productivity & flexibility

The company's network remains secure even if employees access business accounts, apps and resources from virtually anywhere with the help of Self Service Password Reset (SSPR).

Secure MFA

Self-Service Password Reset (SSPR) utilizes advanced multi-factor authentication (MFA) techniques like authenticator apps, OTPs, push notifications, etc. to verify user identity.

Simplified management & tracking

Give administrators a comprehensive overview of their users password status. The SSPR simplifies both management and collecting legal audit data.

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