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miniOrange helping hands towards COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic stands as a life changing threat to thousands of people across the country.We at miniOrange as a whole wanted to give back to the community and help those in need.

Even though we are a relatively small company we wanted to have a positive impact on the communities that we were a part of. In the course of this campaign close to 1500+ families had their monthly rations provided, around 250 people were fed, and two entire villages were given aid.

Through the months of April and May close to 90 miniOrange employees went to work at the grassroot levels of local communities. Providing aid, rations and other necessities to those struck hardest in this crisis.

Across the entirety of Pune and to regions around India. Each and every miniOrange employee went out of their way to go in person to the needy and provide supplies. Through the city of Pune our employees were hard at work giving out rations throughout the many regions of the city.

But our aid wasn’t restricted to just Pune, across India wherever our employees found themselves, each and every one of them took on the challenge to help those who needed help the most.

miniOrange continued its efforts to help those affected adversely by the Covid-19 pandemic, in Pune and in the regions surrounding Pune. In the rural areas and villages of Buri, Chinchali, Gavanwai, Govele and Ratnagiri , 200 solar lamps were distributed. All of these villages were bereft of electricity for 31 days due to the Nisarg cyclone. Continuing the resolve to help those with limited access to essentials, personal cleaning kits and groceries were distributed to the orphans at both the Apang Kalyan Punarvasan Sanstha located in Dahiwadi, and the Mamta Bal Sadan in Kumbharvalan.
The orphans at the Mamta Bal Sadan are exclusively girls aged 2 to 20, and the orphanage has been completely dependent on outside donations, and these donations have severely diminished due to the pandemic. While the Apang Kalyan Punarvasan Sanstha is home to several differently abled children. And finally to help those who have been on the frontlines of the pandemic, miniOrange focused our collective efforts in this domain. A thousand N95 masks and a thousand pairs of gloves were provided to the NICMAR Covid Care Centre in Balewadi. Along with this, entire sets of Personal Protective Equipments(PPEs), sanitizers, and Hypochlorite solutions were distributed to the doctors, nurses and volunteers at COEP Covid Help Centre. And the Sasson Government hospital was also provided with dozens of lactogen boxes and crates of bottled water, as they were in need of these supplies.
In addition to this hand gloves, sanitizers, masks, vitamin C tablets among many other essentials were provided to staff across both the Chaturshrungi and Hinjewadi police stations. And to give back to the community in Baner, 500 trees for plantation were provided to the Vasudha Foundation, with multiple miniOrange employees also helping to plant the trees in Baner. Throughout all of this our goal at miniOrange has always been to find those most in need of help, and help them whatever way we can. Each and every single one of these giveaways and donations was made in person by an employee of miniOrange, to make sure that actual help was provided out to all these individuals.
We had a mission in mind to help those who needed help the most. Scouring the city we found two communities that were in dire straits. The first was,Paraphelgic Rehabilitation Center, a community of disabled Indian Army veterans, duo to COVID-19, their livelihood have been in complete disarray these past few months. miniOrange supplied every family within the community supplies and daily essentials to help them in these trying times.

The second community was,Gorewasti, Wagholi, consisting of families with almost all main breadwinners working at nearby construction and mining sites. Due to COVID-19, all these construction sites have been closed. Leaving all these families without their main source of income. Here too we provided close to 100 families with daily rations and groceries to last them well over into the next month.

Distributed daily needs essentials over 150 tribal families in Tung and Tikona Fort area,pune :

In areas around Baner and Pashan :

We ended up feeding close to 250 people across five days around the Baner area in Pune.

To Agiripalli in Andhra Pradesh.

To Imphal in Manipur.